Alocasia is not the easiest plant to take care of, but it's perfect for any plant enthusiast that wants to add something a bit more unusual to their plant collection. There are many different species available, from dark leaves with white veins, stems with zebra pattern or plants with large heart shaped leaves. 


  • LIGHT : Lots of light but avoid direct summer sun, this can burn the leaves. Place this plant directly at a West/East facing window or 2m from a South facing window. Regularly turn the plant around a bit so the leaves can grow evenly.
  • WATER : Water 2x per week and also spray the leaves 2x per week (certainly in winter when the heating is on). This plant loves a humid environment, so never let the soil dry out and use lukewarm water. If you give too much water at once, this plant will start "dripping" oily water from the tips of its leaves (guttation). 
  • CARE : Almost every time a new leaf unfolds, an older leaf will break, turn yellow and die. You can cut off this old leaf (5-10cm above the soil) so the plant can use its energy for the new leaf. The remains of the old leaves will form a ligneous stem. Each new leaf will become taller and bigger than the previous one!
  • DISEASES : Sensitive to spider mites when the air is too dry (keep the humidity high if you want to avoid this). 
  • CURIOSITIES : Alocasia are toxic to pets and small children so keep this in mind.