Highly decorative and one of the few plants that also flower: Begonia! There are many different types that all have different patterns and funky shaped leaves. Not the easiest plant to take care of, but once you know how, this plant will thrive. 


  • LIGHT : Enough light but no direct sunlight, this can burn the leaves and make the edges of the leaves crispy. Place this plant at a North facing window or 2m from a West/East facing window. 
  • WATER : Water 2x per week in summer (small amounts) to keep the soil moist, water 1x per week in winter. Too much water at once will cause root rot (yellow/brown patches on the leaves) or the leaves to drop suddenly. Don't spray water on the leaves, this will cause brown patches. However, Begonia likes a high humidity so mist the surrounding air or add a humidifier. Keep this plant away from the heating. 
  • CARE : Begonia does not like to be in a plastic pot, so always repot it directly in a terracotta or ceramic pot with a hole and tray underneath. This plant will need support from a gardening pole to help them grow (they can grow up to 2m high).
  • DISEASES : Sensitive to fungus like mildew. 
  • CURIOSITIES : This is one of the few houseplants that also flower! Each species gets flowers in a different color and shape.