There are a lot of different beautiful types of Calathea, each with their own unique pattern. 
It's a bit of a fussy plant, they don't respond well if it's too hot, too cold, too dry or too wet so this plant needs a little more care than others ;-)


  • LIGHT : Enough light but no direct sunlight, this can burn the leaves and make the edges of the leaves crispy. Place this plant directly at a North facing window or 2m from a West/East facing window. 
  • WATER : Water 2x per week to keep the soil moist (not soaking wet though) +  spray the leaves 2x per week as well, otherwise the leaves will dry out, drop or turn brown. Too much water at once will cause root rot (yellow/brown patches on the leaves). 
  • CARE : Pruning and cutting away dead leaves will make your plant grow, it's best to do this in March before the new growth. This plant likes to be in a plastic pot (terracotta will make the soil dry out too quickly). Repot 20% bigger when there's not enough room for new stems in the pot. 
  • DISEASES : Sensitive to spider mites when the air is too dry (keep the humidity high if you want to avoid this).
  • CURIOSITIES : This plant will close itself up at night, lifting the leaves upwards (hence why they call this the "prayer" plant!).