Ferns are plants that need a little bit more care, but they will reward you with fresh air!
They love a high humidity environment so it's the ideal plant to upgrade your bathroom ;-) 

  • LIGHT : Enough light but no direct sunlight, this can burn the leaves and make the edges of the leaves crispy. Not enough light however will slow the growth and make the leaves yellow. Place this plant directly at a North facing window or 2m from a West/East facing window. 
  • WATER : Water 2x per week to keep the soil moist (not soaking wet though), try to use a well draining compost (orchid mix) +  spray the leaves 2x per week as well to keep humidity high. If the tips of your fern turn brown, humidity is not high enough.  
  • CARE : Pruning and cutting away brown leaves will make your plant grow. This plant likes to be in a plastic pot (terracotta will make the soil dry out too quickly), but always use well draining compost to prevent root rot. Keep this plant away from the heating in winter. 
  • DISEASES : Not that sensitive to diseases, but doesn't like drought.
  • CURIOSITIES : Ferns are one of the most air purifying plants that exist. Staghorn Fern is actually an Epiphyte so this fern doesn't need to be planted in soil, you could easily mount this plant on a piece of wood and just spray the leaves regularly.