One of the most popular (and easiest) houseplants there is, is the Monstera.
Just like its name says, this plant can grow monstrous (if you take good care of it!)


  • LIGHT : Enough light but no direct sunlight, this can burn the leaves. Place this plant at a North facing window or 2-4m from a West/East facing window.
  • WATER : Water 1x per week in summer, water every 14 days in winter, always let the soil dry out before watering again. Too much water at once will cause root rot (yellow/brown patches on the leaves). Spray the leaves once in a while or take the dust off with a wet cloth. 
  • CARE : This plant is a natural climber (that's why they have long brown roots coming out of there stem), so it needs to be supported with a moss pole, otherwise it will fall apart. This plant does not like to be in a plastic pot (this will cause root rot) so always repot it directly in a terracotta or ceramic pot that has a hole and tray underneath.
  • DISEASES : Sensitive to draught. Not really sensitive to any diseases, spray the leaves regularly to avoid infections. 
  • CURIOSITIES : The more light this plant gets, the more holes it will get. If new leaves don't have any holes in it, it's because the plant doesn't get enough light.