Definitely one of the most hardy houseplants you can find: Zamioculcas! This plant can tolerate the highest and lowest light conditions and doesn't need much water either. So the ideal plant for everyone to start with ;-)


 : Low light to bright light (avoid direct summer sun, this can burn the leaves). Place this plant at a North/West/East facing window or 2-4m from a South facing window.
  • WATER : It's better to underwater than overwater this plant, it can withstand long periods of drought. The less light this plant gets, the less water it needs. Water 1x per week in summer, water 1x every 14 days in winter. 
  • CARE : Zamioculcas likes to be tight in its pot so don't repot it too big, otherwise the stems will fall apart. It does like a terracotta pot over a plastic one so the soil can dry out better.
  • DISEASES : Not sensitive to any diseases. 
  • CURIOSITIES : This plant is actually made up out of individual stems who can each grow up until 1m50 high.