DIY Himmeli Cube
DIY Himmeli Cube
DIY Himmeli Cube

DIY Himmeli Cube

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Himmelis are small geometric mobiles that originated from Finland. They are the perfect airplant holder, so your plants get lots of light and air! 

Combine all 3 of them for a vibrant air spectacle! Rather hang them against your wall? Then try our himmeli facet & himmeli diamond
All of our "Do It Yourself" himmelis come with an instruction manual.

Plants that fit in Himmeli Cube:
Velutina, Oaxacana, Tricolor, Magnusiana, Capitata, Medusae, Pseudobailey

Plants are not included and are available separately on our webshop.

size himmeli cube : 14 x 20 cm 
material : brass

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