DIY candle making kit *sale*
DIY candle making kit *sale*
DIY candle making kit *sale*

DIY candle making kit *sale*

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This amazing DIY candle making kits will encourage everyone to not be afraid of too much family time, but to embrace it!
Get the kit as an activity for your family or as a thoughtful gift for a special someone. Gift your homemade candles to someone or keep them for yourself :)

Set includes: Eco candle wax, wicks, natural scented oils (lavender, rose, peppermint), glass measuring jug, sticks for stirring and securing the wick, 3 matte black metal containers with a lid to keep the scent as long as possible. 

Step by step instructions:

Step 1 :
Take the wick and remove the sticker adhesive at the bottom and lace the wick sticky side down into the glass votive. 
Step 2 :
Add 200g of wax melts into the glass measuring jug.
Step 3 : 
Place the glass jug in a sauce pan, add a few cm of water to half way cover the wax. 
Step 4 : 
Place the sauce pan on the stove and let it simmer on a low heat until the wax is melted.
Step 5 :
Add a few drops of the essential oil of choice to your wax mixture. The more drops you add, the stronger the scent. Don't over do it!
Step 6 : 
Using the wooden stick, stir wax and oil together to evenly distribute the scent. 
Step 7 : 
Place the wick between the chopsticks (without breaking them) to secure its position. 
Step 8 :
Pour your scented wax mixture into the metal container. 
Step 9 : 
Let the wax harden. 
Step 10 : 
Your homemade candle is ready for burning or gifting!

size box : 21x30 cm

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