Grow Your Own Plant
Grow Your Own Plant
Grow Your Own Plant

Grow Your Own Plant

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Plants are a source of peace and inspiration, so why not try to grow them yourself? 

Follow these 5 steps to grow your own Eucalyptus, Schefflera, Strelitzia, Monstera Camellia or Philodendron Selloum: 

Step 1: Place the coconut fibre tablets in the terracotta pot & pour 200ml (rain)water onto them. 

Step 2: Plant the seeds 1-2cm underneath the soil, make sure the seeds are completely covered with soil. Keep some space between the seeds so they have enough room to germinate. (Make sure to check when to plant which seeds, it might take longer for them to grow if you plant them outside of the germination period).

Step 3: Wrap your pot with cling film and put the pot in a bright and warm spot (close to a window).

Step 4: Keep the soil moist during the whole germination time.

Step 5: Let the waiting game begin! Germinating your plant takes around 1-2 months, so you can already give them a name in the meantime ;-)

size box : 10 x 10 cm
size pot : 7,5 x 7,5 cm

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