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Marimo Mossballs are one of our favorite new plant discoveries of the last few years!

Marimo is a Japanese word which literally translates into "seaweed ball", so this moss ball is actually not moss but a very rare form of solid algae. 
This algae grows about 5 mm per year, starting from the centre. In their natural habitats (fresh water lakes in Japan, Iceland and Australia), they can grow up to 25cm and live up to 100 years!

You can keep these mossballs in a glass vase or terrarium and add some stones to imitate their natural habitat. 

Plant Care : 
- use tap water instead of rain water, change the water every 2 weeks
- try to roll the moss ball once in a while to make sure it keeps its round shape
- place indoors in a cool place with lots of light, but never in direct sunlight
- if your mossball turns brown, move them to a cooler location with less light
- your mossball will float when there's an air bubble inside, gently squeeze them to pop the bubble so they can sink to the bottom

size S : 3 x 3 cm
size M : 5 x 5 cm

Size may differ since every mossball has a unique shape.