Workshop - Spring plant care : repotting & propagation 19/04/2023

Workshop - Spring plant care : repotting & propagation 19/04/2023

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Wednesday 19/04/2023
From 19:00-21:00

Language: Dutch/Flemish

Do you also love plants but for some reason it just goes wrong? Then this workshop is just what you need ;-)

As the seasons change — so do your plants’ needs. Your plants may live indoors, but they are impacted by outdoor changes. With the warmer days ahead of us, it’s important to help your plants take a head start and be ready for the growing season that is upon us.

In this workshop we'll explain how you should care for your plants now that the temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer. We'll give you an introduction on repotting, pruning and making cuttings. 

During the workshop you'll also have the opportunity to ask all plant-related questions so your plants will thrive and grow after this workshop! And as a bonus : you'll also take your own cutting home :-)

This workshop includes: 

- basic plant care knowledge
- explanation of common plant diseases
- live tutorial of the different ways of repotting
- live tutorial of how to make cuttings
- making your own cutting & repotting it
- Q&A with personal plant questions

And of course our store will also be open during the workshop for some private late night shopping with 10% discount on everything 🌿

(This ticket is non-refundable after payment, in case you can't make it you can always ask a friend to take your place)