Workshop - How not to kill your plants & make them grow : postponed for now

Workshop - How not to kill your plants & make them grow : postponed for now

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***This workshop is postponed until further notice*** since we still don’t have any new information about workshops. Tickets will stay valid and participants will get an e-mail to confirm their presence once there is a new date 🌿


Do you also love plants but for some reason they don't seem to survive? Then this workshop is exactly what you need! 

Thomas (also known as Planttrekker) will teach you everything you need to know about plants and give you lots of tips & tricks to keep them happy. You will learn how to make cuttings, how to repot and how to make your plants grow again when they don't look happy anymore.
Of course you can also ask all your specific plant questions during the workshop!

After the workshop you'll go home with your very own cutting and you'll receive an e-book with an overview of all the plant care instructions :)

This workshop includes: 

- complete plant care guideline (e-book)
- 1 small pot + cutting 
- tutorial on how to repot or make cuttings
- all possible do's & don'ts 
- Q&A with plant questions

We'll also provide some delicious cake, cookies & drinks and as a bonus: our store will also be open during (and after) the workshop for some private late night shopping!

(This ticket is non-refundable after payment, in case you can't make it you can always ask a friend to take your place)