Workshop - Make your own terrarium 15/11

Workshop - Make your own terrarium 15/11

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Thursday 15/11/2018 
From 19:00-21:00

Learn how to make your own terrarium in this do-it-yourself workshop! We will teach you all about the do's & don'ts to design a closed ecosystem and guide you through the whole process. 
All you need to do is watch & learn and enjoy the feeling of getting your hands dirty with soil! And of course you can take your own handmade terrarium home afterwards to upgrade your living room ;-) 

This workshop includes: 

- glass terrarium with cork (30 x 20cm)
- 2-3 different terrarium plants
- soil, hydro grains, charcoal
- different types of stones & colored sand
- moss

We'll also provide some delicious finger food & drinks to make the evening extra cosy. And as a bonus: our store will also be open during the workshop for some private late night shopping!