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City Garden Design

Do you want a garden upgrade?

We can design a garden concept that is completely tailored to your needs & wishes and matches your style.

Our main focus is to create more biodiversity in (city) gardens and work with robust plants & perennials that are resistant to climate change.
This way you can really enjoy your garden for years to come instead of spending all your precious time on maintenance.

Check out some of our city garden designs and get inspired!


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The Plant Corner
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Plant Diseases

Plant Diseases

Plants are living creatures that will thrive if you take good care of them, but sometimes it just goes wrong. In this overview we will help you ...


Ferns are plants that need a little bit more care, but they will reward you with fresh air! They love a high humidity environment so it's the ideal...


There are lots of different Palms, but in general this is a rather robust plant that is easy to take care of. And they are also known to be the bes...