Pseudobaileyi airplant
Pseudobaileyi airplant

Pseudobaileyi airplant

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Just like Bulbosa & Butzii, this Pseudobaileyi airplant also has a bulbous shape but with very stiff, silver green leaves. The plant turns bright purple when in bloom!

All of our airplants are greenhouse grown in small quantities instead of being imported. This means they are accustomed to our climate and in perfect condition so you can enjoy them for many years. 

Plant Care : 
- spray/rinse with water 2x per week, do not soak under water
- let the plant dry upside down on a towel in a well ventilated area
- place indoors in a place with lots of light, but never in direct sunlight
- you can trim broken leaves or brown tips with a sharp scissor

size 5x18cm

Size or colour may differ from the picture, as each plant is unique.