Soil checker
Soil checker
Soil checker
Soil checker

Soil checker

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Do you also struggle with watering your plants?
Then this wooden "soil checker" is the solution to all your problems! 

Just put it in the soil & twist it to get samples from different layers of the soil. Is the soil still moist at the bottom where the roots of your plants are? Then wait to water again. Is the soil completely dry & loose? Then it's time to water your plant.

- Easy to use : you'll never have to guess again if your plants needs water
Aerate the soil : loosen up the soil by poking it with the soil checker, the best tip for happy roots!
- No more root rot : keep your hands clean to check the soil from the bottom to the top instead of overwatering your plants 
- Made from wood : light & durable 

Comes in a beautiful cardboard packaging with fun graphic design & clear instructions. 

size : 31cm (handle 5cm)
brand : Botanopia

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